Event Policies

For more information please contact Raise the Roof for the Arts at (937)498-1921 or email office@sidneytheatre.com

Outdoor Concert Policies and Procedures:

The following items/acts will not be permitted within the event area:

  • No Pets, unless service animal comes with registration papers.
  • No Coolers
  • No Umbrellas
  • No Fireworks
  • No Laser Pointers
  • No Signs with Sticks
  • No Confetti or Silly String
  • No Bullhorns or Air Horns
  • No Beach Balls or Inflatables
  • No Chains or Spiked Jewelry
  • No Contraband or Illegal Substances
  • No Conceal Carry Firearms or Weapons
  • No Backpacks or Purses more than 8” x 10” in size
  • No Outside Food or Beverages (including coffee and bottled water)
  • For discovered Lost-and-found items, please contact Raise the Roof for the Arts at (937)498-1921 or email office@sidneytheatre.com



No food or beverages (including coffee and bottled water) may be brought into the event area during the event.


All seating/standing is general admission. Persons may bring in one portable outdoor lawn chair per person, however, there will be no reserved seating or assurances that view lines will not be obstructed by other concert goers attending the event.

Special Needs:

We acknowledges the special needs and challenges of some of our guests. Guests requiring special needs should notify the volunteers at the entry gate at the time of arrival. Every effort to provide a suitable location appropriate for any specific need will be made but not guaranteed.


A designated smoking area outside of the performance area will be identified.


Guests should contact the nearest event volunteer for assistance with seeking treatment for minor injuries and contact 911 to seek assistance for medical emergencies. In the unlikely event of an emergency, the event guests should follow the directions of the trained event staff and proceed to the closest exit in calm manner. Guests should check with the nearest event staff on arrival for the closest appropriate exit.


Security measures will be put in place at all events, a total of 8 paid officers will be hired for each concert. RTR reserves the right to conduct a pat down search and bag checks. Prohibited Items will not be allowed inside the event area. Guests will have the opportunity to secure prohibited items in their vehicle prior to admittance. The event organizers reserve the right to eject any guest that violates other guest’s rights to a safe and enjoyable experience. Guest violating any laws will be referred to local law enforcement for prosecution.

RTR is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Personal belongings discovered by event volunteers following the event will and kept in safe keeping for up to 30 days following the date of the event. To inquiry about lost and found items please contact Raise the Roof for the Arts (937) 498-1921.

Cameras/Video/Audio Equipment
Professional photography and video/audio equipment is generally not permitted on premises of the events in order to comply with artist copyrights. The reproduction, rebroadcast, or distribution of any video/photo/audio is prohibited without the express written consent of Planning Committee


It is a violation of Ohio’s liquor laws to bring alcoholic beverages inside the performance event area. We are committed to enforcing the liquor laws and alcoholic beverages brought inside the event area will be confiscated. Alcoholic beverages will be available only through RTR concessions at the event. All guests, regardless of age, will be asked to show ID to a local law enforcement officer prior to purchasing of alcoholic beverages. RTR reserves the right to deny admission and/or alcohol to anyone that is intoxicated or poses a hazard to public safety. Providing alcohol to minors and possession of alcohol by minors is a violation of Ohio’s liquor laws. Guests furnishing alcohol to minors and minors in possession of alcohol will be referred to local law enforcement for prosecution.