2018 Backstage Block Party DATES

  • Look in any book on the history of rock and roll and you will find Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen. Among many other achievements this 8-piece super band’s album “Deep in the Heart of Texas” is one of Rolling Stone magazine’s to

  • Standing 6’5” with blond hair, blue eyes, and bright smile, he’s no stranger to any spotlight. His style and stage presence invites his listeners to stay awhile and dance, or sit back and enjoy the show. Critics have called Joshua’s career, “a wave a

  • With Special Guest Kala Rose. Blessid Union of Souls , of Morrow, Ohio, is known for their popular hits like “I Believe” and “Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me for Me)” and brings great energy and excitement to the stage. This rockin’ group headlined last y